Moving Australian Retailers to the Cloud

Welcome to Web-Tail

We're a company that is committed to helping Australian retailers 'switch on' the power of e-Commerce to become more profitable, connected and efficient.

We recognise the challenges of the modern retail environment and we've helped many of Australia's most successful retailers transform their business by integrating their brick and mortar store and their online presence.

The Sync-Tool

Our products are a group of applications which help synchronise your PosBrowser data with your e-Commerce store.

We help you build, manage and improve your online store by providing you all the tools you need to seamlessly keep your data in sync.


By leveraging the power of your existing Point of Sale system PosBrowser. We minimise the time and effort needed to setup your site and manage your stock.

Every change in PosBrowser is constantly monitored and synced to your e-Commerce portal in real time.

Featured products

NopCommerce Sync-Tool

Our most popular choice, the NopCommerce Sync-Tool. Enable Enterprize level e-Commerce with just a few clicks.
$995.00 $695.00

NopCommerce Turn-Key Solution

Let us take the hassle out of building your e-Commerce portal. We do all the work.
$3,950.00 $3,495.00

Shopify Turn-Key Solution

Let us take the hassle out of building your e-Commerce portal. We do all the work
$3,950.00 $3,495.00

WooCommerce Turn-Key Solution

Let us take the hassle out of building your e-Commerce portal. We do all the work
$3,950.00 $3,495.00

Shopify Sync-Tool

Shopify is the best product for those looking to quickly get started distributing across multiple channels.
$995.00 $695.00

WooCommerce Sync-Tool

WooCommerce Sync-Tool is designed for content creators looking to leverage the power of Wordpress.
$995.00 $695.00

ZipPay Payment Method Plugin

The ZipPay Payment Method Plugin is a NopCommerce extension which enables checkout via ZipPay

Enterprise e-Commerce

Experts in everything NopCommerce we can help with the most complex of functionality.

The highly customisable nature of NopCommerce enables deep integration into your business processes.

Shopify Partners

We are experienced Shopify partners who can help you leverage the platform.

We know how to quickly prepare your data, setup your site, create your merchant account and start syncing.


Take advantage of the CRM capabilities of WordPress with WooCommerce.

Full integration with the WooCommerce API allowing complete stock management and synchronization.

Our Plugins

We have a range of tools and plugins designed to help with the day to day challenges of running your e-Commerce store.

The NopCommerce Accounts plugin enables quick and easy credit management of VIP customers.
Our NopCommerce ZipPay Payment Method plugin facilitates payment for your customers via ZipPay. Giving you access to a massive pool of pre-approved Australian customers.
Stripe payment plugin for NopCommerce enables payment for your customers via Stripe. Allowing you to quickly and easily enable credit card payments for your online store.