Below are answers to our most common questions and concerns

Why choose us?

Over our years in business we have built and refined our products and services to help our customers truly utilise the opportunity that exists with global e-Commerce. We understand the entire process of preparing, procuring and deploying complete e-Commerce solutions that seemlessly integrate with your brick and mortar data. We can help advise how to categorise your data, how to obtain images, how to structure your site etc.

Which e-Commerce packages do we support?

Currently we support NopCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce.

What is the difference between NopCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce?

Primarily e-Commerce packages can be grouped by complexity vs featureset. As the featureset of an e-Commerce package increases so does the complexity, generally speaking we encourage to our users to ignore the initial learning curve you might exprience with any application and consider that you are making a long term investment and the associated costs and implications.

With each package come trade-offs that must be considered for example: Shopify seems extremely easy and cheap to setup (and it is, to some degree) but when you consider that everything from the WYSIWYG editor to most non-trivial functionality comes as an added expense (in the form of a plugin) it can quickly become a complex and expensive solution.

What are the Pro and Cons of each e-Commerce solution?



Highly scalable and performant

Somewhat complex user-interface

Highly customisable

Limited theme-range

Feature rich-out of the box (no need to pay for extra plugins)

Limited plugin range

Supports PosBrowser Accounts through WebTail Accounts Plugin

High quality default WYSIWYG editor

Easy to distribute across multiple channels



Huge plugin range

Extremely limited featureset (you need to pay for plugins to do anything)

Huge theme range

Limited free themes

Extremely simple to setup and create simple products with limited ranges

Low quality default WYSIWYG editor

Easy to distribute across multiple channels

Very difficult to group products beyond Collections 'out of the box'



Huge plugin range

Extremely limited feature-set (you need to pay for plugins to do anything)

Huge theme range

Limited free themes

Extremely simple to setup and create simple products with limited ranges

Limited plug-in range

Easy to distribute across multiple channels

Low quality default WYSIWYG editor
How do I choose which e-Commerce package is right for my business?

There are three primary variables when choosing the package that is right for you

  1. Budget
  2. Default Functionality
  3. Configurability

Our supported range of products can be broken in the following order by cost (Most to least expensive).

  • Shopify
    1. Shopify is a fantastic easy to use product, but doing anything non-trivial seems like an uphill battle.
    2. While Shopify can initially seem cheap the costs of Plugins and customisation can quickly spiral out of control.
  • NopCommerce
    1. Built-in default feature-rich functionality.
    2. Limited range of plug-ins and cost of development can be prohibative.
    3. Highly customisable built to run on the Azure cloud.
  • WooCommerce
    1. Extremely basic and extremely cheap, just like Cardy B.
    2. Powerful built-in content management system.

The simplest way to describe the choice to our customers is NopCommerce is the best all-rounder, Shopify is great for simple/small product ranges and requirements, while WooCommerce is ideal for those intending on providing a significant amount of content (such as blogs, articles etc) and can benefit from the CRM features of WordPress.

Contact us if you have specific requirements and/or questions.

How much time do I need to manage my store?

How much time you dedicate to your online store entirely depends on your objectives.

If you are simply looking to increase foot-traffic (and make the occasional online sale) by ensuring that you are correctly ranked and indexed by google, then very little active management of your store will be required. Conversely, if you are looking to create a new sales channel and enable direct revenue from your online business then you must be prepared to invest sufficient time and effort in marketing and refining your online business.

How do I compete with x, y, z corporation? I'm just a small business!

Mostly the answer is "if you can't beat'em, join em", the reality is that - you're correct - you can't really compete directly against Amazon or Ebay etc but you can leverage these companies as distribution channels to drastically increase your revenue.

  • The most important factor to ensure you have a successful online store is to sell products that people need/want.
  • The second most important factor is creating content for your customers to enjoy.
  • The third is marketing your products/online store through as many channels as possible.

If you can successfully fulfill these three criteria you will be successful distributing your products online. Here are just some examples of simple, successful online stores.

What do our products do?

Our primary application called the 'Web Tail Sync-Tool' enables real-time synchronisation of your PosBrowser point-of-sale data and your e-Commerce package.

How long does it take for updates to come across?

Generally updates are performed by the system in near real-time, however the speed of updates is directly correlated to how many products are in your online store. As the total amount of products increases, so will the update times.

While we have successfully tested the Sync-Tool with ten's of thousands of products, we generally recommend to our customers they do not exceed 5000 products. This is for a number of reasons:

  • Your users won't enjoy it, most successful online stores sell a limited range of products.
  • Your e-Commerce package layout will become cluttered.
  • Just as with restaurants, it's very difficult to efficiently service 'a large menu' of products.
  • Your e-Commerce package performance may be affected.
  • Your server load may increase to a point where it affects PosBrowser in your retail environment (which may require a server upgrade).
What data is synchronised and how is it mapped?
After sales support?

We provide comprehensive after sales support.

We understand that enabling/utilising new technology in your business can be a daunting and sometimes frustrating experience and we take supporting our customers seriously.

Email us at hello at web-tail .com .au 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Emails will be responded to within 24 hours.

Or call 1300-610-090

Featured products

Stripe Payment Method Plugin

This is a stripe payment method.

NopCommerce Sync-Tool

Our most popular choice, the NopCommerce Sync-Tool. Enable Enterprize level e-Commerce with just a few clicks.
$995.00 $695.00

NopCommerce Turn-Key Solution

Let us take the hassle out of building your e-Commerce portal. We do all the work.
$3,950.00 $3,495.00

Shopify Turn-Key Solution

Let us take the hassle out of building your e-Commerce portal. We do all the work
$3,950.00 $3,495.00

WooCommerce Turn-Key Solution

Let us take the hassle out of building your e-Commerce portal. We do all the work
$3,950.00 $3,495.00

Shopify Sync-Tool

Shopify is the best product for those looking to quickly get started distributing across multiple channels.
$995.00 $695.00

WooCommerce Sync-Tool

WooCommerce Sync-Tool is designed for content creators looking to leverage the power of Wordpress.
$995.00 $695.00

ZipPay Payment Method Plugin

The ZipPay Payment Method Plugin is a NopCommerce extension which enables checkout via ZipPay